Guru Rinpoche's Meditation Cave Yangleshö, lower Pharping, springs, Nepal 

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I created this web site when I realized that a lot of the writing I had done on my “regular” blog (click here) was getting buried and forgotten in the dust of the ages, and I wanted to have a place where some of this writing, in various areas, could be organized, compiled, and edited a bit. So this web site is really more an archive than it is a blog; and I won’t be posting regular entries. However, I will update the pages, from time to time, when there are pertinent posts on my blog that ought to be incorporated into one of these pages.

NOTE: The most recent update I have made of these pages was on February 28, 2009. I updated the “Elderly Mother” page about my own passage through the difficult events that present themselves when an elderly parent becomes very ill, and/or demented.

In addition to the pages of organized posts, this site has a list of links over in the sidebar, all of which are related to mind/brain topics. These links are updated nearly every day.

I call my blog, and this website, “mind.expressions” because I am fascinated by the many ways in which the human mind is expressed (or, maybe it would be better to say, the ways in which Mind expresses itself). In particular, I am interested in our thoughts, our behavior, and our emotions (and the way all those areas can become disordered); in religion, science, culture, law, crime and punishment, morality, freedom, brain function, and language.

If you are interested in my private practice (I am a psychologist, using and teaching mindfulness-based interventions), then please see my website at KC Mindfulness (click here).

I am freely offering this writing/information to the public, in the spirit of continuing what I consider to be a spiritual practice, i.e., teaching/learning, and with the hope that it will be of service to people who are in pursuit of knowledge and truth. If you do use any of my writing (in school, at work, etc.), then please appropriately acknowledge this source, by crediting my name and also by linking to this website. And do feel free to make comments.

Here is a list of the pages on this blog, along with a short description of each page (and any sub-headings within the page).

About: Delany Dean, JD, PhD

This is an “about me” page.

Bullying and Harassment at Work and in School

No sub-sections in this page; just some posts and links about this important topic.

Counselors-In-Training: Mindfulness In Action

No sub-sections. This is a description of a mindfulness-based training program I developed for training graduate students in counseling psychology.

Elderly Mother

When my elderly mother becomes unable to take care of herself any more.

Free Will, Volition, and Morality

Various posts and links within these general areas (including the topic of “motivation”).

Law, Justice, and Forensic Psychology

Miscellaneous posts on these topics, including descriptions of specific criminal cases I have been involved in.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Practice

What is the point of meditation, and how does one practice meditation?

Meditation: Research

What is the current scientific research concerning the potential benefits of practicing meditation?

Mindfulness-Based Wellness

This describes a program that integrates Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with values-based goal setting; it has been beneficial in helping people to make changes related to their wellness.

My Curriculum Vitae

This is the basic c.v. that I carry around with me when people want to know what my professional activities have been throughout my various careers (law, psychology, and academia).

Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Evil

I created this as a separate page because it could justifiably be placed in at least three of the other pages (“Psychology,” “Law… Forensic Psychology,” and “Bullying”). Maybe even in the “Religion” page. Also, it is a major area of interest for me (not surprising, I suppose, since I am a former prosecutor, and a forensic psychologist).

Poetry, Quotes, and Commentary

Two sections: Some of my favorite poetry (sometimes with my comments); and other short sections of prose quotations (also with occasional commentary).

Psychology, Psychotherapy, Mental Disorders

There are sections on:

  • Emotional Pain (and how to deal with it)
  • Memory
  • Bogus Treatments
  • Miscellaneous Topics About Diagnosis and Treatment

Religion, Science, and Atheism

There are sections on:

  • Catholicism
  • Buddhism
  • The “Church” of Scientology
  • Atheism/Science
  • Meaning
  • Miscellaneous Topics


No subsections in this page; just some thoughts about teaching and learning.

What Are: MBSR and MBCT?

This explains the two mindfulness-based programs, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

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