Licensed Psychologist

PO Box 7017

Kansas City, MO 64113


  • Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology), 1995, University of Missouri-KC
  • M.A. (Counseling), 1993, University of Missouri-KC
  • J.D., 1977, University of Missouri
  • B.A., 1974, Rhodes College (major: philosophy)

Employment History (Psychology):

1. Current:

· Since 1996: Private practice in psychotherapy and psychological assessment (forensic).

· Since 2006: Volunteer Psychologist at Kansas City Free Health Clinic.

2. Previously:

    • 2005-2008: Assistant Professor of Psychology, Avila University (Kansas City, MO).
    • Director of Trauma and Dissociative Disorders Program, Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital (Kansas City, MO), June 1998 until August 1998.
    • Consultant to the Kansas City Free Health Clinic for HIV prevention, September 1996 until April 1997.
    • Consultant to Columbia Health Systems, Inc., March, 1997 until July, 1997.
    • 1994-1996: Predoctoral intern and postdoctoral resident at Western Missouri Mental Health Center. Duties included: forensic assessment in criminal cases; neuropsychological assessment; evaluation of persons claiming Social Security psychiatric disability; and psychotherapy with individuals diagnosed with moderate to severe psychopathology.
    • 1993-1995: Contract psychotherapist for Catholic Charities (Kansas City, MO).
    • 1991-1993: Graduate Teaching Assistant at Community Counseling Services of UMKC.
    • 1990-1993: Psychiatric technician at Charter Hospital of Overland Park, Kansas, and at Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital in Raytown, Missouri.

Courses Taught at Avila University (Most of these courses were at the graduate level):

· The Mental Status Examination (Fall, 2004);

· Personality Assessment (Spring and Fall, 2005; Spring and Fall, 2006; Spring, 2007; Spring, 2008);

· Differential Diagnosis of Mental Disorders (Summer, 2005 and Spring, 2007)

· Internship in Counseling Psychology (Fall, 2005; Summer, 2007);

· Forensic Psychology (Fall, 2005);

· Biological Bases of Behavior (Spring, 2006);

· Criminal Psychology (Spring, 2006 and 2007);

· Counseling Practicum (Fall 2006; Spring, 2007; Fall, 2007; Spring, 2008 ).

· Advanced Abnormal Psychology (Fall, 2006).

Research Activities:

  • Co-Principal Investigator on the Mindfulness-Based Wellness program at Avila University, funded by a grant from the Menorah Legacy Foundation. 2007-2008.
  • Poster Presentation Scheduled at the Association for Psychological Science, Annual Meeting (2008): Mindfulness-Based Wellness: A Pilot Program on a University Campus.
  • Manuscript in preparation: Mindfulness-Based Wellness: A Pilot Program on a University Campus.
  • Supervision of student research into impulsivity at Avila University; co-author with Lauren Miller: Age and Impulsivity, poster presented at Missouri Undergraduate Research Conference, 2007.
  • Survey of youth at high risk for HIV infection, conducted for the Kansas City Free Health Clinic, Fall, 1996.
  • Dissertation: High and low dissociative patients with accompanying borderline personality symptoms: Differences on the Rorschach Test. I presented my dissertation research at the Annual (1995) Conference of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation, and at the weekly Grand Rounds conference at Western Missouri Mental Health Center (on April 4, 1996).
  • Pre-doctoral research project: Multiple personality disorder: A new Rorschach sign.

Forensic Psychology Training and Experience:

  • September 1, 1996 – present time: Private practice, including forensic psychological assessment. I have handled nearly 500 forensic cases and have testified as an expert witness nearly 100 times.
  • September 1, 1995 – August 31, 1996: Postdoctoral Residency, with emphasis on psychological evaluations for Social Security Disability (psychiatric claims), Western MO Mental Health Center (CKC).
  • September 1, 1994 – August 31, 1995: Predoctoral Internship, with rotations in Forensic Psychology, Community Mental Health, and Neuropsychology; Western MO Mental Health Center (APA Approved).
  • December, 1993 – August, 1994: Practicum and Advanced Practicum in Forensic Psychological Assessment, Western Missouri Mental Health Center.

Invited Lectures and Teaching Engagements:

  • Missouri Mental Health Counselors Association: Mindfulness In Action. Fall, 2007.
  • Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association: Communication Skills for Lawyers. Spring, 2007.
  • Missouri Bar Association (Employee Assistance Providers): Assessment and Risk Management with Suicidal Patients. 4/3/03.
  • Avila University (Kansas City, MO; Master’s in Counseling Program): Use of Projective Instruments in Psychological Assessment. 2/27/03.
  • Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Conference: Recovery Issues for Female Attorneys. Kansas City, MO. 10/6/01.
  • Federal Public Defender’s Office (Western District of MO): Defending a Federal Criminal Case; Working with Psychological Experts. Kansas City, MO.10/5/01.
  • New Directions Mental Health: Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. Kansas City, MO.: 8/22/00; 10/17/00; 6/24/03. Ethics in Behavioral Health: 11/16/01.
  • Capital Defenders’ Office, Kansas City, MO: Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment Techniques in Forensic Cases. 5/1/00.
  • Avila University (Kansas City, MO; Master’s in Counseling Program): Courtroom Demonstration of Expert Witness Testimony. 10/30/99.
  • Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital Breakfast Club: Liability and Legal Issues for Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment. 8/11/98.
  • Whiteman Air Force Base (Missouri) Hospital Psychiatric Staff: Assessment and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. 7/31/98.
  • Kansas Counselors’ Association: Treatment Issues for Counselors Working with Gay and Lesbian Students. Lawrence, KS. 2/24/98.
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program: Various Topics, including Psychotherapy and Assessment Techniques; Child Abuse (Effects of Abuse, Reporting Requirements, and Memory Issues); Borderline Personality Disorder; and Forensic Psychological Practice. 10/22/96; 5/6/97; 9/29/97; 10/ 29/98; 11/4/99; and 3/22/01.
  • Western Missouri Mental Health Center (Kansas City, MO): Legal Issues for Forensic Psychiatrists (two-hour seminar presentation, ‘95); Rorschach Signs in the Diagnosis of Dissociative Disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder (Grand Rounds, 4/4/96).

Employment (Law): I practiced law from 1977-1990, in the following settings:

  • Office of the Audrain County (MO) Prosecuting Attorney
  • Office of the Attorney General of Missouri
  • Office of the Jackson County (MO) Prosecuting Attorney
  • Private Practice, Kansas City, MO

In each of these settings, I practiced as a trial attorney (prosecuting and defending criminal cases (major felonies)); I also supervised and trained trial lawyers. Additional details concerning my experience and employment are available upon request.

Specialized Postdoctoral Training and Seminars:

· Mind/Body Medicine Retreat and Training (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). 65 hours, presented by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, June, 2007.

· Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. 15 hours, presented by Zindel Segal, PhD. New England Educational Institute, July 14-18, 2003.

· Sex Offender Re-Offense Risk Assessment. Sinclair Seminars. Presenters: Hanson, Grisso, Epperson, Prentky, Thornton, Doren, Hare, and Quinsey. 12 hours video-taped training, completed in September of 2001.

· Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment. Specialized Services. Presented by Anna Salter, PhD, in Edmonds, OK. 3/23/00-3/24/00.

· River Oaks Psychiatric Hospital, New Orleans, LA. Training in Assessment and Treatment of Perpetrators and Victims of Sexual Abuse. Presented by hospital staff. 6/15/98-6/18/98.

· Violence and Psychopathy. Specialized Services. Presented by Reid Meloy, PhD, in Kansas City, MO. 3/23/98-3/24/98.

· American College of Forensic Psychologists, Seminar (various topics), Kansas City, MO. 3/28/97.

· Menninger Hospital. Training in Cognitive Therapy. 10/4/96-10/5/96.

· American College of Forensic Psychologists, Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Presentations and training in various areas. 3/28/96-3/30/96.


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